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GNSS - DGPS Signal providers Websites

SmartNet Aus - Australia's Largest DGNSS RTK CORS Network

Differential GPS via Communication Satellites

Differential Beacon Receivers

GNSS suppliers in Australia and SE Asia

Earthborne Services - based in Cambodia.

Carlson - Software for Land Development and Mining Professionals

Cody Corporation - in South Australia

4D Global - in Victoria

Software and Map Data for GPS

Garmin Basecamp

Garmin Custom Maps


Shonky Maps for Garmin GPS

Expert GPS allows you to import points to Garmin Devices

Ozi Explorer GPS mapping software.

Easy GPS - Free software for uploading points to your GPS

General GPS References and Information

AMSA Differential Beacons - where they are in Australia, their coverage and frequencies

GPS and mapping information from Geoscience Australia

GPS news, product reviews on Joe Mehaffey's website

Other Websites

Use your GPS in a sport which needs reliable navigation - Hang gliding and Paragliding

GPS is used for Navigation in all types of outdoor pursuits. Below is a hanglider soaring a hill near Geralton WA.