Satellite Tracking & Messaging

Spot Gen 3 is a one way messaging and personal tracking device. Family or work colleagues can track your progress on a web portal. It is rugged, waterproof and compact. It sells for $210 exGST / $231 incl GST.

InReach SE+ and Explorer+ from Garmin

InReach SE+ and Explorer+ are satellite communicators with 100% global Iridium satellite coverage for two-way messaging anywhere in the world. INTERACTIVE SOS Trigger an interactive SOS to GEOS, the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring centre, to communicate the nature of the emergency, get professional advice and receive confirmation that help is on the way. Send and receive text messages while beyond cellular range to any cell phone number or InReach unit.

The InReach SE+ is $530 exGST / $583 incl.GST.

The InReach Explorer + is $620 exGST / $682 incl.GST.

SPOT Trace is an asset tracking and anti-theft device using satellites to monitor its movements. It is a small, lightweight and waterproof device that allows you to track anything, anytime and anywhere on a website portal. When the SPOT Trace detects movement it will automatically notify you of its GPS coordinates via SMS or email. It sells for $180 exGST / $198 incl.GST.

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