High precision GNSS receivers available to hire

High precision GNSS receivers available to hire for accurate surveys. 1cm precision can be achieved with Real Time Kinematic surveys (RTK) when in a traditional Base and Rover set-up, or with a single system utilizing a CORS Network such as SmartnetAus (click for a map of local reference stations). In remote areas with no phone signal or nearby reference stations the Atlas L-Band signal can be used to give 10cm accuracy. The Atlas L-Band signal is transmitted by a geostationary communication satellite and achieves 10cm or better accuracy of position by utilising world wide GNSS reference stations.
GNSS receivers that are hired are the Navcom 3040 and 3050 receivers, Hemisphere’s R330  and the Stonex range of GNSS receivers; such as the S70G tablet, the small and robust S580, and SC400A and GNSS receiver’s like the S900A that are used on a survey pole.

Price for a Survey GNSS receiver using the L-Band Differential GNSS for 10cm accuracy of position is $200 exGST per day or $1,000 exGST per week. The cost for using the SmartNetAus CORS network is and extra $40 exGST per day.  $240 exGST per day or $1,150 exGST per week.

Base and Rover RTK setups using the S980A with its 5 watt UHF radio as the base can be hire for $2,000 exGST per week. This includes all the accessory equipment such as Tripod, Tribrach, etc. A UHF radio repeater can be hire quired to extend the radio range of the base for an extra $250 exGST.

Sub one metre horizontal (approx. 0.5m) can be achieved using the Atlas Basic L-Band signal. This service is offered at a reduced rate of $160 exGST per day or $800 exGST per week.

All hire equipment comes complete in a hard shell shipping case and is demonstrated at the area at the back of our East Perth office. Quick reference guides and videos are also provided. The equipment will be setup for your project location and training usually takes just 30 to 40 minutes.

The hire GNSS receivers are usually setup on a 2 metre survey pole; but can be setup in a backpack or mounted on a vehicle. There is a bluetooth connection between the GNSS receiver and hand held tablet / data logger. As with all our equipment, there is ongoing phone support throughout the hire period.