Hemisphere S631

The Hemisphere S631 is a 800 channel, Dual frequency, multi-GNSS. It receives 6 satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS) that gives maximum satellite coverage in  narrow open cut mines or when blocked by tall buildings.   The S631 provides a robust field performance with high precision in a compact and rugged receiver. With multiple communications ports and an open Web User Interface the R631 can be easily configured.

The package includes.
Internal UHF radio and antenna and IMU and Atlas L-band capable
6 months of Atlas H10 subscription included
2 x Lithium Ion Batteries
1 x Desktop battery charger
1 x Serial Cable for PC or Hand held controller
1 x Tape measure
1 x Cigarette Lighter adapter
1 x Quick release adapter
1 x Hard shell shipping case

The Hemisphere S631 package is $12,500 exGST.
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Hemisphere S631

Vector VS1000

The Vector VS1000 is the leading dual frequency GNSS receiver designed specifically for the professional marine industry. It providing precise heading and RTK accuracy. It can receive the Atlas L-Band world wide signal to give accurate positioning in an inland river or in the middle of the ocean. The VS1000 supports antenna separations up to 10 meters to give heading accuracy to 0.01 degrees RMS. A list of Hemisphere’s waterproof antenna are below with the A45 antenna being the most suitable.

The VS1000 has a Gyro and Tilt Sensors to provide reliable heading data in heavy seas. It has a front panel for easy configuration and many interface port options for communication. The rugged housing has an IP67 rating along with EU compliance.

VS1000 Receiver is $11,500 exGST
And includes:
1 combined power and interface cable
2 x 10 metre antenna cables with TNC connectors

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Hemisphere Vector V200s smart antenna

The Hemisphere Vector V200s smart antenna is a robust smart GNSS antenna designed for the marine environment. It is only 35cm in length and mounts easily on to a flat surface or pole. It provides accurate heading and positioning information to the ship’s navigation system. It is quite straight forward to integrate to a ships autopilot, chart plotters, and AIS systems via its serial connection. A User Guide for installation and setup can be found Here.

The V200s uses 5 satellite constellations for it position and heading –  GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS. It can get world-wide 50 cm (RMS) accuracy via Hemisphere’s Atlas GNSS global correction service. It’s two integrated GNSS antennas can achieve a heading accuracy of 0.75 degrees (which is an optional extra) which is further assisted by an electronic Gyro and tilt sensors for pitch and roll.

The V200-S  is  $2,500.00 exGST
Accessories that will be required are shown below.
1 x 15m Right Angle or straight cable connection is $490.00 exGST
1 x Pole or Surface Mount Kit for the V200s is $200.00 exGST

Other options
Enhanced-Heading activation to improve heading accuracy from 1.5º to 0.75º is $950 exGST
An activation to increase the standard output rate from 10Hz to 20Hz is $750 exGST

To download the Pocketmax software click on this link  https://www.hemispheregnss.com/resources/firmware-software/#utility

Vector V500

The Vector V500 is Hemisphere’s is a powerful Dual frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna which provides RTK-level position (1cm) and precise heading into modular antenna With it’s tough housing protecting against the harshest environments it makes a great choice for marine applications that require high position and heading accuracy.

The Hemisphere V500 utilises GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, and IRNSS for simultaneous satellite tracking. It uses both frequencies for accurate long range RTK. It can also receive the Atlas L-band signal to get accuracy of up to 8 cm (95%) anywhere in the world.

The V500 kit – 20 HzmFrequencymGNSS is $10,000 exGST / $11,000 incl.GST
includes Dual frequency a WiFi / Bluetooth antenna. Other accessories are below.

3m Power & Comms Cable (unterminated) $300 exGST
15m Power & Comms Cable (unterminated) $820 exGST
30m Power & Comms Cable (unterminated) $1,450 exGST
15m Power & Ethernet Cable $615 exGST
30m Power & Ethernet Cable $1,060 exGST
22-PIN to 18-PIN Adapter $220 exGST

RTK activation is $1,700 exGST

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Hemisphere R632

Hemisphere R632 – 10 Hz, sFreq, mGNSS is $6,800 exGST
2 Pin Power Cable, + – unterminated
DB26 female to DB9 female interface cable
10m TNC-TNC Antenna Cable

Hemisphere R632 – 10 Hz, sFreq, mGNSS, RAW, Heading is $7,500 exGST
2 Pin Power Cable, + – unterminated
DB26 female to DB9 female interface cable
2 x 10m of TNC-TNC Antenna Cable for 2 antennas

Receiver activation’s and equipment that you may likely need are.
Multi Frequency / Dual Frequency is $1,850
RTK Activation for the receiver is $1,400

The GNSS antennas are purchased separately. A multi-frequency antenna (like the A45)  is required if you want to receive Atlas L-band signal.


GNSS antennas

A25 Antenna (sFreq, mGNSS, L-Band) is $750 exGST
with 5/8″ threaded base.

A42 Antenna (mFreq, mGNSS, L-Band) is $1,500 exGST
c/w: (Flat base. 1″ threaded plate & 5/8″ adapter included)

A45 Antenna (mFreq, mGNSS, L-Band) is $1,500 exGST
with a 5/8″ threaded base

A52 Geodetic Antenna (mFreq, mGNSS, L-Band) is $1,750 exGST
c/w: (5/8″ adapter included)

HA32 UAV GNSS Helical Antenna is $500 exGST

10m of Coaxial of Antenna Cable TNC-TNC made in Taiwan is $260 exGST

Hemisphere’s combined GNSS receiver and antenna  is the Atlas Link
It uses the 3 main satellite constellations USA’s GPS, Russia’s ‘GLONASS’ and China’s ‘BeiDou’. It is configured using an easy to use WebUI using the units WiFi. It includes a 5m un-terminated power / data cable and costs $3,500 exGST.